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Based in California, our age management doctors have many years of experience, education, and certification in preventive medicine, age management medicine, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).We will have you feeling and looking younger in just a few sessions. While results may vary based on your unique situation, some of our patients report a reduction in the symptoms of aging almost immediately. Sometimes relief is immediate, sometimes it takes a while to begin to feel and look better, but rest assured that our doctors’ BHRT treatments are safe, effective, and proven to be natural.

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BHRT and age management medicine is a form of preventive medicine that our anti-aging physicians specialize in. If it can be said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then age management medicine is worth a freight-train of cure!This is because identifying and treating ailments, diseases, and risk factors proactively—prior to their becoming harder to treat and more entrenched—decreases risk factors and mitigates the risk of serious diseases themselves.

Our anti-aging physicians use the latest technologies to ensure that you are getting the best possible treatment available. As newer technologies emerge, our professionals are on the look-out for what works and what is tested, tried, and true. We do not jeopardize our patient’s health with fad treatments or unproven therapies that sound too good to be true. All of our BHRT treatments are performed in conjunction with compounding pharmacies that are held to the highest standards in filling BHRT prescriptions.

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Although our anti-aging doctors focus on natural and bioidentical hormone therapies, we also leverage the power of established nutritional, supplementation, and exerciseregimens for their added health, sports and physiological benefits to our patients. Our complementary and holistic approaches to health and wellness will have you jumping for joy!

Our laboratory testing services indicate to us what hormones you should take to get your body’s hormone levels back in balance. Whether we use blood testing, urine testing, or salivary testing, we develop a bioidentical formula for your unique body and hormonal requirements.Our doctors create a unique cocktail of hormones for our patients based on hormone deficiencies identified in blood, urine, and saliva samples. These mixtures of custom-compounded hormones are natural and not typically commercially available in the exact ratios dictated by individuals’ laboratory results. That is a valuable benefit with this type of treatment because doses are individualized to our patient’s requirements, at the molecular level. There is no off-the-shelf product that can compare to that! Therefore, there is no better way to restore hormonal levels more optimally than with our bioidentical hormone therapy.

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Lastly, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)do recognize and encouragepharmacy compounding of BHRT products when prescribed by a licensed practitioner. The FDA does not condone mixtures that have been made outside of a pharmacy by illegitimate means. Unregistered individuals who try to concoct their own mixtures of hormones are, by their very nature, promoting hormones that are untested for purity, safety, or efficacy and may even contain contaminants. Our doctors are licensed practitioners of medicine in the state of California who take your health and the continued safety of bioidentical hormone therapy very, very seriously. Rest assured that you are in good hands with our anti-aging doctors.

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